Memjog is a very simple program. It reads a file (typically memjog.dat)
of calendar events like:

12/25/07 Christmas day

It is invoked with a NBR_DAYS argument:

memjog 25

It will print all of the events that are scheduled for the
next NBR_DAYS days in date order, each preceeded by a 3-letter
day of the week, e.g.:

TUE 12/25/07 Christmas day

Note that Cygwin gcc ( was used to make memjog.exe
and you will need to have cygwin1.dll installed to run it.


USAGE: memjog [ [[- | /]NBR_DAYS] | -c | -v ]

Print events from the event file that occur in the next NBR_DAYS days.
NBR_DAYS defaults to 10. 1 will print today and tomorrow.
NBR_DAYS may not be larger than the end of the epoc (see time(3)).

The -c option prints the copyright information. (BSD License).
The -v option prints out the version number.


MEMJOG If set, file path to the event file. If not set,
./memjog.dat is used.

memjog.dat - event file, lines should start with mm/dd/yy followed
by a space. yy is interpreted to be up to 40 years
in the past or 60 years in the future.
Lines starting with # are comments and are ignored.


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